synergetic Integration: Staying firmly rooted while blooming high [Season 5 “Magic with Basic” –Session 1]

"The way of case taking adopted by you is very good. What I was doing was superficial, now from your lectures surely I will make a "Genius" and go to the "Core". Excellent! It was my first experience and I got a lot to understand. Now I have come to know about the exact meaning of case taking. Before, I was confused about it. It will help in my future progress. The place chosen for this event is very beautiful, full of peace and the exact location for understanding Homoeopathy. The food was very tasty and simple and an excellent place for studying.  Your "patience" for case taking is excellent. Now I understand what "patience" is and how it is successful to a "Homoeopath" Thanks a lot Sir J" 
- Dr. Tushit Katoch

"Passionate, vivacious, best teaching way, excellent. I’ve always admired you Sir." 
- Dr. M. Priyan

"Excellent. Team members of ABJF: Hats off to you all." 
- Dr. S. Arun

"10/10. Thank you so much for all the wonderful arrangements made for us and this is a must visit place."
- Dr. Vivek Wagule

"Expert as always. Calmly explains every aspect practically and philosophically one by one. For me, his way of presenting makes it more interesting and desirable to learn and apply. I enjoy his talk."  
- Dr. Vijayalakshmi

"Dr. Dinesh Sir taught us very simply about everything. The cases were too good. Case taking was elaborated in a very simple manner and the basic understanding of Sensation method got clear."  
- Dr. Dipti P. Sawant

"Everything was THE BEST. Didn’t feel like I am away from home. Very friendly atmosphere. Loved it. Thank you so much ABJF." 
- Dr. Vidyarani Balagar

"Since I am attending Dr. Dinesh Chauhan’s seminar for the first time, I felt that there is a scientific basis in his case taking, case solving and remedy differentiation. I am looking forward to attend more of his seminars."
- Dr. Ofa Shah

"Amazing like always. Presentation was made clear in a simplified manner so that we could understand well. It’s just "wow" and the cases were mind blowing and I enjoyed a lot. The organization was really good, the whole team took really good efforts for us and for this I am thankful." 
- Dr. Abhisha Joshi

"This time I wondered why am I going again to ABJF when I have already attended the seminar previously. It is because every time, I learn something new and interesting from Sir. As usual, no word’s about Sir’s style and expertise. Very informative, discussion on potency was really fantastic." 
- Dr. Shardul Joshi

"Excellent conversation style. Expertise teaching skills. Tends to bind the audience to the "core". Lecture content was educative, to the point, easily understandable and graspable." 
- Dr. Salman Khan Pathan

"Dr. Dinesh Sir has a great command and a simple way of explaining his ideas in the easiest possible way. SALUTE J Everything provided was much better than expected J Thanks ABJF." 
- Dr. Shahrukh Shaikh Nisar

"Lecture was very informative. Clear explanation. All the casepresentations were good. This is the first time I am attending Dr. Dinesh Chauhan’s seminar on sensation method. Whatever was presented and explained was understood. The content of the lecture was simple, understandable and well explained as it has been explained with plain logic." 
- Dr. Varsha Rajan

"The only way of learning Homoeopathy is "simply" by Dr. Chauhan Sir." 
- Dr. Sachin Musmade

"No words to express enough. An original thinker, clear explanation, frank opinion, down to earth style. All the ideal features of an Iconic Speaker. Unmatched lecture All the answers of the questions asked were really logical, experiential and insightful. Fully satisfied with the organization." 
- Dr. Ranjan.

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