The seed of the Case witnessing process which Dr Dinesh Chauhan planted, watered and nurtured has now grown into a beautiful tree spreading its branches, providing shade and bearing fruits in homoeopathic therapy. One can see its multi faceted application in every type of pathology and every type of age groups. In the process Dr Dinesh has seen a number of students beautifully apply the case witnessing process in their clinical practice.

Resting the foundation on universal scientific principles, universally applied in every type of case, we bring to you the complete journey of case witnessing process by Dr. Dinesh chauhan, his colleges and his students.


Few benefits of this journey:

  1. Its an ONLINE series via Online Classroom so you can attend from your own desk, clinic or café.
  2. A never before journey of all revolutionary topics of Case witnessing process (the most pivotal step to start with as a homoeopath) together in one series.
  3. Different lecturers will give you flavours of various types of patients and case witnessing techniques.
  4. Video case illustrations will make you walk the talk of case witnessing.
  5.  An opportunity to get connected to homoeopaths all over India under one platform and share you queries, discuss and learn over online classroom.

We shall together cover following topics: Right now 11 LIVE plus 1 Video complementary


A VIDEO COMPLEMENTARY LECTURE BY Dr Dinesh: (Will be scheduled prior to the live series)


Lecture : Managing Acute illnesses at a holistic level with Case witnessing process.


Lecture :  Case witnessing process in patients who come up with various cover ups and resistances


Lecture:  Case witnessing process in difficult one sided cases


Lecture: Art of REPERTORISATION and searching Keynotes in cases


Lecture:  Integrative holistic management of deep pathological and cancer cases by case witnessing process


Lecture:  Integrative holistic management of Psychiatric cases by case witnessing process


Lecture: A further along Journey In Geriatric Case Witnessing Process


Lecture: Further along journey of Case witnessing process in RETAKE cases.


Lecture:  Child centric Case witnessing process


Lecture: Journey beyond the Case Witnessing Process


 Concluding LIVE lecture BY DR DINESH

Total: 11 Live Lectures

Each of 2 and half hour duration



Every Sunday: 6th Oct, 13th Oct, 20th Oct, 3rd Nov, 10th Nov, 17th Nov, 24th Nov, 1st Dec, 8th Dec, 22nd Dec 2019,

& 5th Jan 2020 (Concluding Lecture by Dr Dinesh)




COURSE FEES: (Non refundable, All sessions compulsory)



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Account Name: ABJF TRUST

Account Number: 32400294907





Contact numbers:

Dr.Chandrashekar: 9819461727

Dr.Rina: 9960969717

Dr.Riddhi: 9619743737

Know your Lecturers:

1) Dr. Yogesh Malhotra, Punjab

Dr.Yogesh is a senior lecturer and is associated with Dr. Dinesh since last 15 years.He has lectured at multiple colleges and institutions in Delhi, Punjab, Mumbai,& Nashik. Has been a part of many CME’S where students and practitioners from Punjab come together to discuss on varied topics of homoeopathy. He has mastered the skill of connecting to students at every level and thus explaining the concepts in a simple, reproducible ways.Being connected to college OPD’s since last 12 years he has seen maximum varied types of acutes at his hand and has witnessed the holistic healing possibilities in them through casewitnessing process.


2) Dr.Atul Patwardhan, Pune

Dr.Atul is associated with Dr.Dinesh for more than 15 years.Being an ardent student of homoeopathy Dr.Atul has dedicated himself to case witnessing process and has successfully applied it in his clinical practice. Dr.Atul has been instrumental in conducting provings of various Water Remedies and has done substantial research work of water remedies.He is a well known practitioner in Pune practicing for the past 14 years and conducts various lecture series for budding homeopaths of Pune. He is a key lecturer at various ABJF workshops and webinars and is known for detailed knowledge of his subjects and systematic, simple way of delivering and reaching out to his students.


3) Dr.Rangarajan, Karnataka

The most practical difficulty of what to do when patient is unable to come towards the holistic language of kingdom, subkingdom and source during case witnessing process. Dr.Rangarajan is associated with Dr.Dinesh since last 10 years and is specialized in seeing cases,which are one sided, of local people in local language, of villagers and patients who havelow level of experience. He practises in Davangere and Dodakkate for the last 7 years.

Gives regular lectures at CME, Davangere Homoeopath Association and also active member of the Davangere Homoeopath Association.


4) Dr.Obaidullah Nayaghar, Belgaum

Dr.Obaid is associated with Dr.Dinesh since last 6 years. He is faculty at the reputed A M Shaikh homeopathic medical college in Belgaum and runs an OPD exclusively dedicated to cancer cases since last 8 years in the college hospital. His depth, inclination and dedication towards deep pathology especially cancer cases has lead to miraculous outcomes in patients.He has lectured for Students and practitioners from Belgaum, Davangere and Bangalore.


5) Dr Michael Xavier, Tamil Nadu

Dr Michael is most hard working and dedicated physician towards the cause of real holistic classical homoeopathy. He is associated with Dr.Dinesh since last 7 years. And is senior consultant at Manitham homoeopathic hospital since 4 years. His enthusiasm towards homoeopathy has led him to explore all possible systems and get an integrated learning from them. He masters in seeing psychiatric patients and exploring their real whole centre beyond their disease.

He has given multiple lectures and seminars in colleges around Tamil Nadu since 2015, like Sivaraj Homoeopathic medical college and hospital, Vinayaka mission Homoeopathicmedical college, Homoeopathic Seminar on Case witnessing process at Sivaraj Homoeopathic medical college.Manitham Homoeo workshop - Sangamam Resort - 2016 -for students.


6) Dr.Sayali Butala, Mumbai

Dr.Sayali has been associated with Dr. Dinesh since last 8 years. Being a writer at heart she has played a major role in getting together forthcoming book of ‘

Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process: Further journey into difficult cases.’ by Dr.Dinesh. A senior consultant at Swasthya Homoeopathic Healing she has dealt with wide variety of cases of all types and pathologies. Her strength is at applying the case witnessing processwith success in all types of cases.

She delivered seminars at A M Shaikh homoeopathic medical college at Belgaum and is an active lecturer under ABJF charitable trust and for various laymen events.


7) Dr.Riddhi Jain, Mumbai

Dr.Riddhi naturally walked the path of exploring kids, children, teenagers through case witnessing process. She has maximum number of paediatric cases at her hand dealt with various child centric approaches.She is instrumental in compiling the Swasthya child centric diary which has played a very vital role in bridging the gap between case interviews and getting closer to the real similimum. She also compiled the book ‘From treating to transforming: Choose homeopathy’ for laymen parents to understand what journey a child takes from entering the homoeopath’s cabin till he leaves clearing various concepts of holistic homoeopathy in the process.

She has lectured in various colleges, to in - house international colleges at Swasthya, private seminars and laymen events to spread the depth of integrative holistic homoeopathy andcase witnessing process.


8) Dr.Rina Dedhiya, Pune

Been associated with Dr. Dinesh for the last 8 years she has walked like a shadow during the developments of case witnessing process. Practising independently in Pune, she has in person witnessed further developments of case witnessing process and practically applied them in her patients. She is the compiler of all cases and articles for multiple journals and websites by Dr.Dinesh. She has given her pen in forthcoming book on Right brain method and Acutes by Dr. Dinesh.

She is one of the key lecturers under ABJF charitable trust and has taken various sessions in ABJF workshops and webinars. In a quest to understand the true meaning of life she has been exploring her personal journey and transformation through hiking and meditating in Himalayas and helping others with the similar kind of experiences through various activities that she conducts.


9) Dr.Chandrashekar, Belgaum

Heart and soul of Non profitable trust ‘Athato Brahma Jigyasa’ Dr.Chandrashekar is tirelessly handling the trust workshops since last 3 years. He is known for his meticulous, systematic, dedicated work.He is associated with Dr Dinesh since last 6 years. He takes lectures for many groups of Belgaum and Bangalore on varied topics from, Organon

& Philosophy & CWP, Materia Medica and Live case demonstrations.

He is appreciated for his calm style of delivering lectures and his ever-approachable nature makes the learning two ways. He sincerely applies case witnessing process in all of his cases with much depth and success.


10) Dr Denise Rodrigues, Goa

Dr. Denise has been associated with Dr. Dinesh since the last 6 and half years. She was a teaching faculty in the department of Homoeopathic MateriaMedica at the ShriKamaxidevi Homoeopathic Medical College, Goa and is now one of the known classical holistic homoeopathic practitioners of Goa.Her strength lies in her clear and sharp oratory skills and she has delivered many talks for students, patients and the general public. She has worked vastly in creating awareness about Homeopathy in Goa, by giving talks on A journey from Illness to Wellness.

Homoeopathy and the importance of Diet in Autism and ADHD. Holistic Parenting Holistic Homoeopathy and Whole Food Plant based diet. Inculcating Mindfulness. Individualistic Homoeopathy and Holism.She is also a lecturer in ABJF webinar series. She was an active consultant at Dr Dinesh’s clinic Swasthya Homoeopathic Healing, Mumbai for a span of 3 years gaining clinicalexperience over a wide variety of patients.




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