After a year’s break, ABJF got back with a bang this year with a lot more enthusiasm. This year’s workshop was a 3 day seminar which started with 110 participants, it was a fusion of cultures and knowledge from all corners of the country, ABJF witnessed participants from Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Goa, Trichy, Madurai, Manipur, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Punjab.

The 3 day journey began with a host of activities from introduction to the basics of homeopathy, case witnessing process, to the evolving concepts of synergy, with a different perspective on cases, case presentations by members of the ABJF team, followed by fun activities which have sort of become a trend in ABJF.

The highlights of the seminar:

In the ABJF family tree, new blossoms were introduced too! As always ABJF provides a platform for introducing young talent into the homoeopathic world, where Dr. Sayali Butala and Dr. Riddhi Joshi, presented their work and interacted with the audiences about their experiences in practice. The enthusiasm of Dr. Dinesh and the participants didn’t seem to get over, with discussions which started in the day and continued even after leaving the lecture hall till the wee hours at night. The fun-filled activities which all the participants enjoy have become an integral part of ABJF that also provide a lot of good memories to take back home, this time it was chanting and bhajans in gujarati and carnatic enchantments in the temple during the evening sunsets which was followed by the evening aarti for the newlywed couple in the ABJF family, the whole atmosphere seemed to purify and bring a calming effect on all who participated in it. Everyone seemed to be drowned in this whole aura of exchange of knowledge, and seemed to be absorbed by this energy for the ultimate enquiry into the truth. The 3 day seminar was truly an Athato Brahma Jigyasa.-Review by Dr. Rina Dedhiya, Pune.


"The way of case taking adopted by you is very good. What I was doing was superficial, now from your lectures surely I will make a "Genius" and go to the "Core". Excellent! It was my first experience and I got a lot to understand. Now I have come to know about the exact meaning of case taking. Before, I was confused about it. It will help in my future progress. The place chosen for this event is very beautiful, full of peace and the exact location for understanding Homoeopathy. The food was very tasty and simple and an excellent place for studying.  Your "patience" for case taking is excellent. Now I understand what "patience" is and how it is successful to a "Homoeopath" Thanks a lot Sir J" 
- Dr. Tushit Katoch

"Passionate, vivacious, best teaching way, excellent. I’ve always admired you Sir." 
- Dr. M. Priyan

"Excellent. Team members of ABJF: Hats off to you all." 
- Dr. S. Arun

"10/10. Thank you so much for all the wonderful arrangements made for us and this is a must visit place."
- Dr. Vivek Wagule

"Expert as always. Calmly explains every aspect practically and philosophically one by one. For me, his way of presenting makes it more interesting and desirable to learn and apply. I enjoy his talk."  
- Dr. Vijayalakshmi

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