Dr.Nayan Ganava completed his BHMS in 2015 from Ahmedabad Homoeopathic Medical College, Gujarat. Practicing Homoeopathy at a charitable trust hospital in Ahmedabad since 2nd year of BHMS (year 2013), he believes in Dr. Dinesh’s teaching of “Apply the method which patient demands”, thus has trained himself in different classical and contemporary methods of Homoeopathic practice. Witnessing miracles through Homoeopathy in critically ill patients Dr. Nayan is dealing with pathological cases through classical Homoeopathy since 3 years. He has also submitted a paper for AYUSH in year 2016 on topic “Diabetes care through homoeopathy”. Teaching senior MD students, colleagues, and undergraduate students about different approaches, he is working on developing philosophical understanding and link between all approaches of homoeopathic practice, mind and body connections in Materia Medica and motivating students to practice homoeopathy. “Beauty of healing lies in listening not in prescribing” he is also making efforts to spread awareness about Homoeopathy in slum areas of Gujarat. 

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