Glimpses of the Abjf workshop at Mandu , Indore 

Dr Dinesh Chauhan Delivers a Homoeopathic National Workshop on the Topic:  
Integrative holistic approach in the  Plant Kingdom Remedies: with Higher Order Asterales

At Ancient Heritage place Mandu the ABJF team welcomed around 100 homeopaths from all over India to be a part of an extraordinary event. 

An event which was an amalgamation of igniting our left-learning brains with homoepathic learning sessions and also created a perfect balance by fueling our right artistic individualistic beings with open, guided walks and Self-introspective, healing artistic activities through the 4 day workshop…


Click the video to watch the glimpse of MANDU ABJF WORKSHOP 




                                 Our next workshop on JANUARY 23rd till 27th 2025 


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