Dr. Atul Patwardhan has been practicing Homoeopathic for the past 10 years. He was always keen on following the Hahnemanian classical homoeopathy right from day one of his practice, and was fortunate enough to find the right kind of teachers to shape up his understanding. Closely associated with Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, he made the most of his learning under Dr. Chauhan’s guidance.  


Along with being a keen observer and enthusiastic physician he has excellent teaching skills as well. He holds lecture series for students in Pune and makes sure they learn the practical clinical skills as well. He has been teaching for over 8 years. 

He has been an active member of ABJF organisation and is also on the teaching panel in this organisation. 


Dr. Atul has also nurtured his writing skills and has written some interesting articles which you can read on his blog named

all-about-homoeopathy@blogspot.com. He has also been publishing work through International homoeopathic journals like interhomoeopathy.com / Hpathy.com. he has also got an opportunity to contribute with an article in Dr. Chauhan’s book the scientifically Intuitive case witnessing process.


He has been working on Homoeopathic remedies prepared from water. He has proved 3 water remedies so far and has a desire to derive a complete understanding of this group of remedies. 


All in all Dr. Atul Patwardhan can be called a versatile talented and passionate physician, a good teacher, orator, and above all a honest human being.  

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