Venue: Online. Case taking is a pivotal pillar on which the homeopathic foundation rests, a case journey’s through the individual’s physical ailments, emotions, perceptions, deepest fears, delusions, dreams, and beyond all, can reflect his holistic pattern. To make this journey for the patient smooth, and therapeutic at the same time is possible only if the tool we use to ascertain it is polished, systematic, scientific and individualistic. By making the foundation of case taking strong, we ca more +

8,9,10th Sept 2017, a three day workshop by ABJF Trust

Venue: OM GURUDEV ASHRAM. A/P: ATGAON, SHAHPUR; MUMBAI. FURTHER JOURNEY INTO INCLUSIVE INTEGRATIVE HOLISTIC HOMOEOPATHY WITH DEEPER UNDERSTANDING OF NEW FAMILIES The journey of planting homoeopathic seeds into ignited minds that we began few years back has now bloomed into a beautiful young tree. This year yet again taking it a leap further by travelling into deeper realms of the case witnessing process and making an inward journey in sync with the internal and external experiences through nature, we are back with our 3-day workshop.  more +

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