Magic of Basic (season 3) - Furthering the Art of Case Witnessing Process Session II 2011 – Diwali session

Venue: Manas Mandir, Shahpur. Workshop held by Athato Brahma Jigyasa Foundation (ABJF)Magic of Basic (season 3) - Furthering the Art of Case Witnessing Process Session II2011 – Diwali sessionDate:  12nd and 13th Nov 2011, Venue: Manas Mandir, ShahpurNumber of Participants: 62 more +

A two Day workshop Season 3 of Magic of Basic: Session I - 22 & 23 July 2011

Venue: Manas Mandir, Shahpur. The first Session of Magic of Basic (season 3) was truly a perfect amalgam of Art and Science, be that the workshop- topic i.e. Scientifically Intuitive Case Witnessing Process (which in itself is an amalgam of art with science) or be that the two fun-filled learning days of the entire workshop.Also, this workshop witnessed a unique phenomenon of “Unity in Diversity” where participants from various parts of India such as Tamil Nadu, Vishakhapatnam, Chennai, Baroda, Beed, Ahmednagar, more +

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